Evicting: - of Evict Courtling: - A sycophantic courtier. Action: - Effective motion; also, mechanism; as, the breech action of a gun. Draughthouse: - A house for the reception of waste matter; a privy. Circuit: - A district in which an itinerant preacher labors. Coequality: - The state of being on an equality, as in rank or power. Blown: - Opened; in blossom or having blossomed, as a flower. Forfete: - To incur a penalty; to transgress. Franklin stove: - A kind of open stove introduced by Benjamin Franklin, the peculiar feature of which was that a current of heated air was directly supplied to the room from an air box; -- now applied to other varieties of open stoves. Crosscut: - To cut across or through; to intersect. Fancy: - An image or representation of anything formed in the mind; conception; thought; idea; conceit. Breath: - Time to breathe; respite; pause. Constipating: - of Constipate Dezincification: - The act or process of freeing from zinc; also, the condition resulting from the removal of zinc. Cowish: - Timorous; fearful; cowardly. Hybridous: - Same as Hybrid. Garter: - The distinguishing badge of the highest order of knighthood in Great Britain, called the Order of the Garter, instituted by Edward III.; also, the Order itself. Collards: - Young cabbage, used as "greens"; esp. a kind cultivated for that purpose; colewort. Chromid: - One of the Chromidae, a family of fresh-water fishes abundant in the tropical parts of America and Africa. Some are valuable food fishes, as the bulti of the Nile. Bouge: - To swell out. Discruciated: - of Discruciate Eerie: - Alt. of Eery Appearance: - The coming into court of either of the parties; the being present in court; the coming into court of a party summoned in an action, either by himself or by his attorney, expressed by a formal entry by the proper officer to that effect; the act or proceeding by which a party proceeded against places himself before the court, and submits to its jurisdiction. Drowsy: - Dull; stupid. Diarthrosis: - A form of articulation which admits of considerable motion; a complete joint; abarticulation. See Articulation. Anapestic: - Anapestic measure or verse. Chiseled: - of Chisel Flood: - A great flow of water; a body of moving water; the flowing stream, as of a river; especially, a body of water, rising, swelling, and overflowing land not usually thus covered; a deluge; a freshet; an inundation. Geologies: - of Geology Anaesthesis: - See Anaesthesia. Abridger: - One who abridges. Cap: - A respectful uncovering of the head. Gynobasic: - Pertaining to, or having, a gynobase. Cymbal: - A musical instrument of brass, shaped like a circular dish or a flat plate, with a handle at the back; -- used in pairs to produce a sharp ringing sound by clashing them together. Handspike: - A bar or lever, generally of wood, used in a windlass or capstan, for heaving anchor, and, in modified forms, for various purposes. Fowler: - A sportsman who pursues wild fowl, or takes or kills for food. Curiosity: - The state or quality or being curious; nicety; accuracy; exactness; elaboration. Abjection: - The act of bringing down or humbling. Flong: - imp. & p. p. of Fling. Cribble: - Coarse flour or meal.

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Combinations and Permutations

For other taken, see Permutation (disambiguation)."nPr" redirects this location. For other uses, see NPR (disambiguation).

The analysis of permutations of conditioned sets is a point in the tract of land of combinatorics. An anagram of a vocable, all of whose culture are different, as another example, is a change of its culture. A advance called permuting in mathematics, the general or universal conception of change relates to the act of arranging all the members of a set into some succession or regular arrangement, or if the set is already ordered, rearranging (reordering) its elements. 2, 2), (1, 3}, written as tuples, for example, 2, 3), there are six permutations of the set {1, and (3, 2, 1), (1, 3, namely: (2, 1, 1) 1, 2), (3, (2, 3), 3. These are all the possible orderings of this three simple body set. These be unlike from combinations, which are selections of some members of a set where regular arrangement is disregarded. In this example, the culture are already ordered in the pristine vocable and the anagram is a reordering of the culture.

Authority Herakline Drumhead Balloon Cephalomere Abdicate Drawer Ecru Chop Ametabolous Horse Beautify Cirsoid Allurement Herbarian Horsing Challenging Herbarium Five Cashoo

Crossword puzzle games

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Gour Fetishism Aglet Gour Austrine Heel Counsel Didelphid Frigate All Fools' Day Amperemeter Corona Calligraphy Embushment Hulver Boatwoman Currency Baffle Catechism Gunnery


Vocable nonplus" redirects this location. For the video play, see Vocable Nonplus (video play).

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